Monday, 10 January 2011

Jimmy's Blog: Worship Together?

This is a great post on the nature of worship by my friend and former-Spurgeon's student Jimmy Orr. Jimmy now works for as a worship leader, preacher and head of their creative arts cluster. Check it out...

Jimmy's Blog: Worship Together?: "We seem to be living in a church culture where most people's definition and understanding of what worship is all about would probably involv..."

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Christmas Season

I feel like we're in full swing of the run up to Christmas now. School has had its major productions and had its staff Christmas dinner today. Streatham Baptist Church has it's Carols by Candlelight service last night - with at least 80 gospels and Viz-a-Viz dvd's given to those visiting (many for the first time). And tomorrow is the Spurgeon's College Carol service. I'm really looking forward to this as it's such a good time of fellowship with those connected to the college.

We have a December prayer/newsletter, which I'm trusting you've read if you're reading this. We intend to update on here while we're in Torbay also.
Iain's going down before me in the car for a rehearsal for Katie and Jack's wedding, and as one friend at church joked, I'm going on the train in style, with the luggage ahead of me!
Liz xxx

Sunday, 28 November 2010

A New Blog

Thank you for stopping by our blog. We've been wanting to change from the old 'where are you .net' blog for sometime as it wasn't that user friendly.
With having more time I recently really gotten into blogging, you'll see my own blog as Truly Good Woman. I don't think that I am truly good (!) it is based on Proverbs 31, on trying to be the best woman that I can as God has created me and all women to be.
So, with getting better at the whole blogging thing it is mine and Iain's intention to keep you better informed on how we're doing. A prayer letter is coming out this week and we will be setting up a 'Stewardship' account for those of you who feel called to support us in a financial way.

Thank you for your prayers, we hope you will continue to stop by as we are intending on this being a small news area and the prayer letters a overall monthly update. Please let us know how you are, and if indeed you have a blog also.
Love and blessing through Him,
Liz & Iain